Guatemala Mission Trip, Day 6

Well, it’s Sunday, which means it’s the Lord’s Day here in Guatemala. I began my Sunday a little differently than most weeks since I didn’t have to preach today. Instead, I got to sleep in for a little longer than I normally do on Sundays. Once I finally crawled out of bed, I spent time in prayer for both Steve and my churches as they headed to worship today. As for our worship, we worshipped at the local church on the CRI compound, known as Iglesias Acceso. While I had the Sunday off, Shelby was asked to lead the music part of worship today, and it sounded amazing. I am really proud of how much my wife has grown in the last year. Coming to Mt. Victory and Ridgeway has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives, which has caused us to grow stronger both personally and as a couple. The sermon was preached in Spanish, but we had a translator speaking into an earpiece so that we could understand the message. It was a message on doubt and staying connected to the Father; preached out of Psalm 13, which is a beautiful text that I would love to come back to and preach on myself.

After Church, we headed off to eat lunch at Burger King and pick up another group that was arriving at the airport today. Our initial plans were to pick them up and head to Antigua for shopping, site-seeing, dinner, and dessert; however, the other group had to stop by the compound first, unpack, and have a meeting. So instead, Edger took us four to Antigua for the afternoon. We started off by going to see a massive cross that overlooks the whole city. It was a marvelous site really, but also a really steep hill to climb. After seeing the beautiful scenery, Edger took us to the marketplace where we shopped and bartered for about two hours getting souvenirs. We then traveled to an old monastery that was active from 1547-1997 but was closed due to damage sustained by 3 different earthquakes. The monastery is now a fancy hotel that “many famous” people have stayed in. It was a gorgeous place to go and see. Ancient architecture never ceases to amaze me. Even where the old sanctuary used to be, the altar remained, and they have made it into a beautiful semi-outdoor space for mass and weddings.

After the monastery tour, we went and ate at a Texan BBQ place, and I must say that it was fantastic. The best part was the BBQ sauce was made with coffee! Someone needs to find me that recipe. We then finished the night with dessert at a crepe place with coffee. We got the luna moka crepe, which was filled with chocolate and had vanilla and coffee ice cream on top. We stopped on the way out of town to see a beautiful cathedral and made our trip home in the dark.

It was a great day that I got to spend with my beautiful bride and friends, deepening our relationship. I am very thankful that this trip has happened. God never ceases to amaze me. We have one day left, and while I enjoy a day off from preaching every now and then, I can’t wait to get back in the pulpit and share God’s Word with the people I love to serve!

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

P.S. No Gary Brill joke today. Even he has to take a rest on the Lord’s Day 🙂


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