Guatemala Mission Trip, Final Day

I am both happy and yet reluctant to say that we made it home safely to Mt. Victory, Ohio and that I am currently writing this from my kitchen table with my trusted sidekick, Sampson, beside me. I really enjoyed this last week by serving the Lord and others in Guatemala. Both Shelby and I have grown to love that country so much in such a little time (coffee and coffee jelly really helped). Last night, Shelby asked me if I could see us living there, and I could (a church on a coffee plantation sounds like a dream come true for me). While I don’t see ourselves being full-time foreign missionaries, it is one place that I would love to serve for a small portion of my year every year.

We finished up our last day in Guatemala by building the beds for the family, setting up a kitchen for them, and building a water filter. We took the kids for popsicles one last time before playing with them for a few hours, which included throwing rocks into a bucket and using Gary and me as a jungle-gym to swing them around. It was such a life-giving opportunity to be the people who put so much joy on these kids’ faces. We ended our time with the family with a dedication ceremony of the house and giving them the keys so that they could enter their house for the first time and call it home (you can see a video of the dedication here).

I think David Platt says it best in his book, Radical, that all people are called to be missionaries and not just domestically, but internationally. I would really encourage you to go serve internationally if you can because it will change your perspective on what is important. Jesus + Nothing = Everything, and I was reminded of that this week. If you want to serve Jesus in an awesome country and just love on these families like Jesus does, we will be going back at the beginning of next year, and I would invite you to come with us.

While I must now turn my attention back to my own flock, the people of Guatemala will be in my prayers until I am with them again. I want to say that the people of CRI, especially Fountaine and Edgar, are people of the cross who serve out of their love for Jesus and for the people of Guatemala. Thank y’all so much for having us, and I can’t wait to be back next year!

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

P.S. We didn’t have to worry about a crosswind when landing because the wind would never dare cross Gary Brill.


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